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In COCO-MAT Barcelona now it is for sale a cardboard spherical lamps (Similar to that shown in the gallery) designed forFelix Lozal.

These lamps are certainly impressive and unique. To learn more about the design of these lamps we interviewed Felix Lozal who explains that it is necessary to regain and preserve the craft and learn to harness furniture and materials instead of throwing them away.

Felix Lozal is a professional with over 15 years experience in thefurniture restoration, Where part to bring their creations. In Barcelona, ​​and other cities, many furniture are thrown; which prompts him to recycle and then to transform and applying reuse furniture restoration techniques, Giving them added value. Since this is not a simple restoration, but a bang.

And Felix had experienced building the frame of a mirror with cardboard when he received a lamp with tears to restore. One day takes the roll of cardboard and comes up to try if he could play that lamp classic style with cardboard since it seemed interesting textures and shapes that could acquire.

Using the cardboard and use, Felix wants to transmit messagesprotect the environment, seek sustainable, recycled and recyclable products. The furniture is the profit before throwing have another exit that can totally change. The cardboard design is an element to pack and then pull, but has the added possibilities such as applying technical or aesthetic to be processed.

The pieces are shocking, but lamps are not. Felix Lozal makes objects that emulate a lamp, but It is actually a sculpture. In the fields is the same. It is a format where he has cared more light, to serve as a setting, but with the lights off serves as sculpture.

These lights and spheres to be a craft are unique piecesWhere time to make each piece varies depending, among other things, of its size. To build them, Felix Lozal purchase cardboard, cut it into pieces to measure, paint the cardboard and let it dry, then cut it into strips, strips works in different sizes and protects it from behind to harden the cardboard. Once hardened assembled to form and at the same time make the case. The only time where the board is not involved in the electrification, which uses LEDs.

Felix Lozal has other ideas of objects and sculptures to make, but tells us he lacks the time to implement them. One of these is to devote time to combine two techniques: furniture and cardboard. Has already made leather furniture and upholstered furniture where remnants of skin.

The lamps can be seen in the catalog of Felix Lozal have a classic style, this was done to make sense of the catalog, but not all fall within this style, such as spheres. If you are interested to open the field more, but as he confessed, it takes time.

Now working on another version in which takes the spherical form but more lighting inside.

Felix, stresses that are pieces that must be understood as sculptures and furniture not be used. He could build a console for a space, you just have to take care of, but not a table to sit and eat. A mirror or a lamp (ceiling) by their nature and use itself may be functional in a space, and which do not touch regularly. These objects and sculptures give more play to window dressing, scenery and individuals.

The paperboard that makes this work is recycled and recyclable, but bought. Because Felix could collect them on the street, but could not safeguard the health of these. To this should mount an infrastructure to clean it up before work it, you have the possibility to inquire more about it promises.These cartons are knowingly purchased it from waste papers, continuing the recovery chain.

With his work Felix Lozal want to convey a message of sustainability and use.

"Something has to be made of precious metals to be beautiful, there are also things with materials that do not give a penny for them can get a good result" Felix Lozal.

He is of the opinion that start again appreciate craftsmanship and preserve the craft and craftsmanship.

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