This article is one that must be read with some time as everyone and each of the artists are really interesting. By extension I will include only a part and some of the photographs that accompany it, if you want to read the whole I leave the link to the original. Enjoy as I have done !.

Living between cartons

Unreleased cardboard","acartonado"" Of cardboard stone "... No doubt use this word with negative connotations. And we associate nothing glamorous things ... A waste stream and disposable waste, a waste container or, in the best case, to packaging, the box containing one thing we are interested YES.
From here I break a lance (cardboard, of course) for this material, humble and unpretentious; apparently gray, dull and ugly, but with the latent ability to transform into amazing things. Well treated can be incredibly resilient and flexible, lightweight, inexpensive, recyclable, eco ...
Armed only with a razor blade, a cutter and talented American artist Mark Langan, Shapes these fantastic pieces of corrugated cardboard together without toxic glues. Reduce, reuse and recycleThe three "R" are his "cry" of war. Here, his tribute to the work of Munch:

British artist Chris Gilmour does fancy stuff with cardboard. A whole universe of motley objects springs from this material: (Photos Marco de Palma). His "Harley Davidson".

For filigree, which makes the architect Michael Hansmeyer, who explores the use of algorithms and computer programs to generate amazing architectural forms. It used thousands of sheets of cardboard of 1 mm to prototype columns embellished by countless subdivisions and cuts.

Italian designer Ilaria Marelli presented her collection "Homage to Morandi" made of cardboard, in the Musei di Carta exhibition this year.

His compatriot, the creator Paola Paronetto uses a mixture of pulp and clay to some of his works.

In Spain, the study Moho ArchitectsThey formed by Carlos Abbey Suanzes-Carpegna, Ignacio Bautista and Pablo Ruiz García Mora, created ago cartonLAB, Which points to the custom ecodesign. This is one of many creatures.

And also, the Valencian designers Creative SanserifAna Yago and Jose Antonio Gimenez Pallás practice cartonmanía. Your bank "Bold" is one of the pieces that I like.

The cardboard was star material installation Brazilians Fernando and Humberto Campana They exhibited in Paris during the Maison et Objet Fair, which named them Creators of the Year 2012

A purpose of the Campana brothers, his famous chair Corallo, provides support for the areas of corrugated cardboard recycled, made by the Spanish creator Félix LozalAnother lover cardboard.

This bed of the Australian firm Carton es ¡total!

The great Italian signature Kubedesign have clear benefits of cardboard for the whole house:

Creators Kube Design They did not hesitate to install cardboard confessionals in a church in Malta during a visit of the Pope.

And since we are in religious key, in Wellington, New Zealand, the acclaimed Japanese architect Shigeru Ban He held up a cardboard cathedral as provisional premises for the faithful of the Anglican church, the temple, built in the Victorian era, was destroyed after an earthquake in 2011.

Architects Sander Architects built in cardboard! the headquarters of Rabobank, a Dutch bank solid!
(Foto Alexander van Berge) via Dezeen.

Also in Amsterdam, the company Nothing, specializing in commercial creativity, has facilities, offices and only cardboard furniture, designers work Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg.

In the recent edition of DecorAcciónWe organized by the magazine New Style in Madrid, we saw a bottle carton laser cut by the ControlMad study. It was one of the parts of an installation of young design, preview ofProduct Design Madrid, Industrial Design Fair to be held in February.

And in DecorAcción 2012, artists Perea Isidro Madero and Almudena Rivers, School of Art Ten, huge insects filled the lobby of cardboard Alicia Hotel Room Mate chain.

And I close this post with one of my favorite sculptures. "Big Skull" by German artist Clemens BehrIn a corner of Berlin.