This Saturday Felix undertook Lozal trip to Madrid. After several months of work was time for truth.

It all started back in June when he received the commission decorating a commercial galleries in Madrid, to which they liked the idea of ​​using corrugated cardboard as decoration material, provided that comply with the necessary security measures.

The project It was really interesting, the space work was a challenge, It was not decorate a window or a shop, was to create the Christmas atmosphere in three galleries Business at three different points of Madrid: Getafe, San Sebastián and Las Rozas. The project would wear a total of twenty structures already created by the company of which only I can overtake you which are; fourteen 5m tall, one of 4m high, nine 3m high and of 2m high.

The creative and visual part was completely in their hands, they hoped that the sketches that Felix would submit to his liking and satisfying, it was.

Felix continued development sketches, creating prototypes and began to build the pieces that would dress the structure, I have to confess that be surprising, but since I can not anticipate anything about them in this post, I am going to reveal the secret that almost killed me with curiosity How can solve the transfer of parts to Madrid to not suffer any damage?

¡ECardboard Cardboard l lead to!Never until Saturday had seen such large packs and yet so light, it was packaging completely sustainable and recyclableIt was amazing how quickly they loaded the truck Rolando and Ernesto, I even let the audacity to take one of the boxes, by the way space was calculated to the millimeter, all the pieces fell into place like a charm.