Some of you already know the changes and developments Felix Lozal is doing. It seems that everything has come suddenly and as one who does not like things, but each of the proposals are the result of months of work, reflection, study, research and analysis, not only in finding objects and forms of expression, also external situations that occur and can make us doubt.

In this path as a good friend, has entrusted to his friends and they have been entrusted to him. Naturally different energies have become entangled in such a way that the flow forward, pushes us to continue to each his dream, which can awaken to continue living in the dream of another, where you never know who will happen and that you would not wake up, almost, nearly synergy perfect.

This is the motto of Felix "Dreaming is free. Make a project actually costs more, is possible " while it prepared to accompany him and we have taken some more. This phrase is not the product of a moment of inspiration by the arrival of a muse, is the most authoritative expression of defining its position to the world that, like it or so, he lives and which is willing to be happy to be, Whatever it takes, because the know about all things ... It's Possible! and be able to share and collaborate while so you do not end our dreams ... that are possible.

Hopefully, henceforth, to convey my words the feelings that cause me Felix projects which are themselves not sure terminaréis fans still remain, like me and you to feel reflected in the posts.

See you soon!