In these times any help small entrepreneurs is low, I had the pleasure of participating in the program "I have an ideaTitled " "Recycling is also made Art" of TVE Catalonia, issued last Thursday, November 8, this program has projects under development in different professional fields, projects born of dreams and ideas that at one time might seem unrealistic, no future, but are still effective and viable.

It was a unique experience, I was not sure if he could keep up on the circumstances, for the first time I interviewed for television and some uncertainty took hold of me, would you be able to behave naturally? and most importantly would it be able to transmit my career goal completely linked to my personal evolution ?. Upon meeting Aurora Redón and Rafael Arenas with their professionalism, energy and positivity, as well as totally discreet cameras in their work, all fears were allayed and achieved a smooth and relaxed believe communication is transmitted in the video assembly was established.

The program starts manifesting my dreams and goals, I explain how the crisis has given me the opportunity to join the restoration of furniture with the concern of creating artistic pieces, keeping my principles of recycling and reuse of materials, being respectful of the environment. I must thank owns Mar Gómez "Mar de Cava", a Victor a regular customer that I've been able to restore several parts and Inma Sebastia, All of them They have provided their personal and professional view of my work which caused me some embarrassment and has filled me with pride to be people I really admire.

I hope beyond my job to know this video, which also presented projects The sheep Xisqueta and Papabubble, Serves to motivate others. to trust their ideas and raise implement your dreams and desires.

Now it is your turn to comment on the program and the projects. I hope your comments and if you like this post not fail to share it to enjoy it the most people.