<transcy>Marine</transcy> - Félix Lozal, el Arte del Cartón


From the organic forms used in the light sculptures, the idea arises of transferring the same concept to the field of interior design. This is how the Marina collection was born, which is part of the Art Design movement and which shows a series of pieces in which the sculptural part of Félix Lozal's work is applied to objects for daily use.

Each lamp is a unique piece in which the thoroughness of the work is appreciated and manages, both off and on, to surprise by its forceful and magical presence.

<transcy>Other creations</transcy> - Félix Lozal, el Arte del Cartón

Other creations

In this section you can find other items designed by Félix Lozal. They are objects, decorations, products that are born from the processes, the forms of their lighting designs.

<transcy>Tension is form</transcy> - Félix Lozal, el Arte del Cartón

Tension is form

Here, the artist's gaze is directed towards the search for new forms of creation with cardboard, respecting its structure as a material but investigating the forms that arise when tensioning and assembling it.

As a result of the result obtained by applying this technique on the cardboard, it was decided to incorporate the most basic wood to work it as if it were cardboard strips. In this way, the 5 pieces that make up the collection are born.