About Felix

For more than 15 years, pieces from different periods and styles have passed through my workshop in Barcelona that I have treated respecting their personality and renewing their appearance, always within the orthodoxy of restoration. Over time, I started a project for the recovery and aesthetic transformation of furniture likely to end up abandoned, applying in this process techniques from the different disciplines that I have learned, although in a more free and creative way; I called this project Aesthetic Sustainability .

In this creative process, the paperboard . This material in common use and considered ephemeral in origin, is perfectly suited to its objective: to create pieces that incite the viewer to wonder if the importance lies in the object itself, in its appearance or in the material. All this inspired a universe of possibilities, both for the creative result and for the metaphorical suggestion that the material acquires when treating it as noble.

If as a society we are able to assess the aesthetic result regardless of the material used, we can achieve a new idea of sustainability that prioritizes and values the idea of reuse and transformation as an alternative to the idea of using and throwing away. I am fascinated by getting into this creative universe , lose track of time, let myself go, touch the material, dialogue with it, follow and feel the whole process to try to guess what it can give me.

The result is pure magic.

Diseñador de lámparas

Soy Félix Lozal, creador, diseñador de lámparas y artesano multidisciplinar reconocido por Artesanía de Catalunya. Trabajo el cartón de una forma particular; elaboro piezas de fibras naturales que se mueven entre la escultura y el interiorismo. A lo largo de mi trayectoria he acumulado experiencia en diferentes disciplinas, todas ellas relacionadas con el mundo de lo estético, centrándome sobre todo en el arte donde he realizado diversas colaboraciones con artistas, sobre todo en el ámbito de las instalaciones efímeras de gran formato. He centrado mi trabajo en tres disciplinas que a veces se diferencian y otras se solapan: la escultura, el interiorismo y el escaparatismo o escenografía.