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"I try to rediscover the materials of everyday life"

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I have always been interested in the plastic arts, and as a student I had the opportunity to work with artists who taught me a lot, particularly about the processes they used to give form to an idea. It was not until later that I learned the techniques of restoration.

Over the fifteen years I have worked professionally in the conservation and restoration of furniture, my work has afforded me an opportunity to observe and analyze changes over time in furniture styles, production techniques and the use of materials. Over the years, pieces from different eras and in different styles have passed through my workshop and I have renovated their appearance following the orthodox methods of restoration, respecting their original style and personality. However, a few years ago, in 2008, I embarked on an new project which involved the recovery and aesthetic transformation of pieces of furniture destined for the rubbish tip. In this new phase, I started to use techniques from all the different disciplines I had studied, using them in a freer and more creative way. I described this project as aesthetic sustainability.

. aesthetic sustainability.

And it was then, in the context of this new creative process and by pure chance, that I first turned to cardboard as a creative material. In cardboard I found an inspiration that suggested a universe of possibilities, both in the results obtained and in the metaphorical implications of treating this humble stuff as a noble material.


When I began this project I call aesthetic sustainability —using pieces made with materials considered as waste or of little value—I wanted to draw attention to the fact that they could be the raw material of a beautiful object, so that the observer would not perceive them as recycled objects or focus on the value of the materials used. To do this I gave priority to the object rather than the concept .

If as a society we are capable of appreciating the aesthetic result regardless of the material used, we can perhaps develop a new concept of sustainability that will prioritize and value the notion of reuse and transformation as an alternative to throwaway objects.

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I love plunging into the world of creation, losing track of time, letting myself go, touching the material, conversing with it, experiencing and feeling my way through the process of trying to figure out what it can give me. And, sometimes, the result is magic, pure magic. .


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