Felix Lozal. Cardboard furniture collection with Glamour.

"Job board" is the new and original way the artist Felix Lozal started to create furniture that are innovative, preciosistas, unique ... and recyclable! A selection of lamps, mirrors and even a headboard made by hand show us the many suggestive possibilities offered such an everyday material as cardboard. Lamps inspired patterns Dutch spiders (Flanders Model Natur) in the Deco style (Model Medusa), a head of Elizabethan aesthetic (Isabel model) or Venetian mirror forms (Venezia model) are just some of their creations. Lozal Felix, who devoted 15 years to the conservation and restoration of furniture, began three years ago to enter the field of recovery and aesthetic transformation.
His first proposal was "Another skin for furniture" and sengunda "A-Changing" to reach this collection consisting of six lamps, four mirrors and headboard.
These pieces are sold in small series may also occur as in, ie by varying the shape, size and color. So, as a furniture designer couture.
You can view the complete catalog Issuu or www.felixlozal.com
Via: http://www.barcelona-deluxe.com

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